Construction container rental

In that case, it is best to choose to rent a construction dumpster. By choosing a construction waste container, you are able to recycle large amounts of debris. One of the advantages in renting a construction container is mainly that you can dispose of different waste streams in this construction waste container.

Afvalcontainers VLK always has the right construction waste container for you, regardless of the amount of your waste. At Afvalcontainers VLK you can choose from different sizes for your container. You can get a Construction Waste Container 3m³, Construction Waste Container 6m³, Open Construction Waste Container 10m³, Closed Construction Waste Container 10m³, Construction Waste Container 20m³ & Construction Waste Container 40m³.

Construction waste container rental

€220.50 excl. VAT
€ 266.81 incl. VAT
€ 310.50 excluding VAT
€ 375.71 incl. VAT
€ 395.00 excl. VAT
€477.95 incl. VAT
€ 405.00 excl. VAT
€ 490.05 incl. VAT
€ 825.00 excl. VAT
€ 998.25 incl. VAT
€ 1425.00 excl. VAT
€ 1724.25 incl. VAT

What is allowed in this container?

What is not allowed in this container?

Construction container rental and placement

If you rent a container from us on a weekday, we can often deliver it to you within 24 hours. As stated earlier, you must be present on the delivery date so that we can place the construction dumpster in the correct location. When you are finished with your container, make an appointment with us to pick up your construction container. You do not need to be present for this. 

Construction container rental period

At Afvalcontainers VLK it is possible to rent a container for construction waste for up to 8 weeks. Would you like to rent the container for construction waste for a longer period? Then that's no problem either! The first period of 8 weeks is covered by the all-in price. If you want to rent the construction waste container for a longer period, we charge a rental fee of €2 per day (excluding VAT). Our competitive all-in rental prices for our construction container ensures that you can rent a container from Afvalcontainers VLK as economically as possible without a deposit or unforeseen costs. 

Full construction container change or have it picked up?

Do you have a full container or have you deposited all your waste in the container? Then you can use our container exchange and collection service. Please note that the 3m³, 6m³ and 10m³ construction containers cannot be filled higher than 20 cm above the rim. Please note! 20m³ and 40m³ containers may be filled to the rim and no parts may protrude. This all contributes to the safe transport of your (full) construction waste container. 

Still not renting a construction container?