Container collection

Is your container full? Then notify us immediately using the form. Your container will be picked up within 48 hours from the next working day. Your container may remain on site for 8 weeks after placement. This rental period is included in the price. After 8 weeks, a rental fee of €2 per day (excluding VAT) will be charged.

The 3m³, 6m³ and 10m³ container may be loaded to a maximum of 20 cm above the edge. If the container is loaded higher than 20 cm above the edge with a maximum of 60 cm, costs will be charged. These costs are € 29.50 (excluding VAT) per 10 cm in our delivery area, if we have outsourced the container it is € 35.00 (excluding VAT) per 10 cm. There will also be € 25.00 excluding VAT for administration costs.

The 20m³ and 40m³ containers may be filled to the brim at most, If our driver finds a container that does not meet our conditions, a decision may be made not to move or dispose of the container for safety reasons. 


If the form fails, please call 071-4022552.

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