Wood waste container rental

Wood waste container rental

€ 136.50 excluding VAT
€ 165.17 incl. VAT
€ 167.50 excluding VAT
€ 202.68 incl. VAT
€ 190.85 excluding VAT
€ 230.93 incl. VAT
€ 195.85 excluding VAT
€ 236.98 incl. VAT
€ 425.00 excl. VAT
€514.25 incl. VAT
€ 569.00 excl. VAT
€688.49 incl. VAT

What is allowed in this container?

What is not allowed in this container?

Asbestos-containing materials

Wood container rental with or without a permit

Why rent a wood waste container?

Wood container rental and placement

Wood container rental period

Wood container rental period includes 8 weeks of rental. When your container is full, you contact us yourself. The transportation of the container and waste will then be arranged for you. This is included in our prices.

Change full wood container or have it picked up?

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