Order fill sand directly with a container

Excavation sand
 48,00 -  203,00 excluding VAT

Excavation sand

Raised sand, also called fill sand, is suitable for many applications. Think of filling a too low surface in the garden, substrate for gazebos, sealing ponds, etc.

Embankment sand (or fill sand) is not suitable for applications other than embankment/completion. Embankment sand is the most economical type of sand. This is because, according to the Building Materials Decree, it is usually only suitable for embankment or backfilling. Uplift sand or fill sand may vary in color because this sand is mined differently in each region.

Important: Raised sand is usually compacted with a vibrating plate after it is poured/delivered. This causes the whole thing to collapse a bit. So in practice you need 10% more than theoretically calculated because of the settling.

Order fill sand easily and quickly

Order uplift sand directly with your dumpster and pay no transportation costs!

If you order fill sand on weekdays, it will be delivered to you within 24 hours.


  • Price per cubic meter (m³)
  • Includes transportation costs when ordering a dumpster
  • For all types of waste containers possible, except closed 10m3
  • Maximum order value per container:
    • Uphill sand:
      3 m³ waste container = 2 m³ sand
      6 m³ waste container = 5 m³ sand
      10 m³ waste container = 8 m³ sand



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Order fill sand directly with a container