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You can contact VLK Recycling with any questions about waste disposal, collection and recycling.

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About VLK

VLK Recycling consists of VLK Paper and Metal Trading and VLK Containers. The oldest company within this group has been active since 1951. By combining all specialized activities within VLK Recycling, an innovative recycling company with many decades of experience and expertise has been created. You can contact VLK Recycling for all questions about waste processing, collection and recycling.

All parts of VLK Recycling hold the certificates and permits important for waste handling and recycling. These are regularly checked by our in-house quality manager and tightened (where necessary) so you can be sure that VLK Recycling meets every requirement.

In this time of major changes in climate, the increasing scarcity of raw materials versus a growing demand for energy and an increase in population growth, VLK sees it as its task to contribute optimally to the realization of the "circular economy. In the circular economy, production, consumption and waste are linked together so that as little as possible of the raw materials, building materials and fuels are lost. VLK's services therefore mean daily, added value for customers, the environment and society. VLK's core values are: Honest, Family, Constructive and Energetic

VLK offers added value to its customers in the area of sustainability. We give priority to reducingCO2 emissions(limiting waste transports). Optimal sustainable operations are well possible for VLK thanks to its ideal geographic location in the region (75% of the containers are within a 6 km radius of the site). As a result, and thanks to the monitoring of container filling rates, our trucks will cover fewer miles when carrying out the work. All VLK trucks are equipped with an innovative track and trace system. This makes it clear at any time where each unit is located. This offers advantages for fast service, optimal time utilization and deployability and thus for optimal continuity.

VLK Group breathes sustainability, in all facets of its services. It is therefore in keeping with our policy to also deal with personnel deployment in a sustainable manner. In our opinion, sustainable enterprise also means 'Social Return on Investment (SROI)'. VLK achieves this objective by hiring staff who work under the Social Employment Act, the long-term unemployed and people on welfare benefits. The percentage of SROI at VLK is 20%.